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Desiray + Aaron

Produced for Radiotopia's "The Heart" in 2015. 

"The Resurrection Men," Radio Doc, 2015

Produced for the BBC World Service, click here to hear the full story.

For centuries, students of medicine have dissected the dead. But the idea of wilfully donating one’s body to medicine is somewhat new. In the 18th and 19th Centuries, American anatomists used executed criminals for dissection. When they needed more specimens, anatomists robbed graves, or rather, paid dusky characters to rob graves for them. Those who supplied doctors with bodies were sometimes called resurrectionists or resurrection men.

Nowadays, people in America donate their bodies to science. This has sufficed the medical demand for cadavers until recently. But university programmes are burgeoning, and they are not the only places that want bodies and body parts. Private medical research companies, medical device companies, and surgical training centres all need human tissue. This demand has created a strange new industry in America.

Garland Shreves is the CEO of Research For Life, a whole body donation company in Phoenix, Arizona. In short, he is in the business of acquiring and selling dead bodies. Peter Lang-­Stanton, Galen Koch, and Nick Farago take an in-­depth look into Garland Shreves’ business - from donation to dismemberment to delivery.

Produced by Peter Lang-Stanton, Galen Koch, and Nick Farago. With original music by Peter Lang-Stanton and Andy Bickerton. Thanks to Samuel D. Koch for audio mastering.


"The Boogieman of Ocean Point," Short Feature, 2014

Folks in Ocean Point, Maine are afraid of Bobby Moore. They say he’s strange and even dangerous. But a visit to Bobby’s trailer reveals another side of the town pariah. A radio documentary produced in spring of 2014 by Galen Koch at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Aired on Maine Public Broadcasting Network, May 2014. 

"Still Kink After All These Years," Short Feature, 2014

Ralph Cusack is one of the founding members of The Harbor Masters and has been organizing gay kinksters in Portland, Maine for over 30 years. A radio documentary produced in spring of 2014 by Galen Koch at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.


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